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In Indian astrology, there are five elements: fire, earth, air, water, and ether. The master of fire is Mars, while Mercury is of earth, Saturn of air, Venus of water, and Jupiter of ether. The relation of the signs to the elements is the same in the two systems. Chinese astrological signs operate on cycles of years, lunar months, and two-hour periods of the day also known as shichen. A particular feature of the Chinese zodiac is its operation in a year cycle in combination with the Five Phases of Chinese astrology Wood , Fire , Metal , Water and Earth.

So the Chinese year calendar is a solar-lunar-jovian calendar. In Chinese astrology , the zodiac of twelve animal sign represents twelve different types of personality.

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The zodiac traditionally begins with the sign of the Rat , and there are many stories about the Origins of the Chinese Zodiac which explain why this is so. When the twelve zodiac signs are part of the year calendar in combination with the four elements, they are traditionally called the twelve Earthly Branches. The Chinese zodiac follows the lunisolar Chinese calendar [43] and thus the "changeover" days in a month when one sign changes to another sign vary each year. The following are the twelve zodiac signs in order. The five elements operate together with the twelve animal signs in a year calendar.

The five elements appear in the calendar in both their yin and yang forms and are known as the ten Celestial stems. When trying to calculate the relevant year of the cycle in relation to the Gregorian calendar , an easy rule to follow is that years that end in an even number are Yang representing masculine, active and light , those that end with an odd number are Yin representing feminine, passive and darkness.

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As such, we refer to it as the planet of death and rebirth. Form this celestial body; you receive the qualities we associate with Hades. For example, you are mysterious, secretive, determined, and belligerent. Conversely, Jupiter empowers you with the qualities you need to move the world. Chief among these is optimism. Your high levels of positivity are unrivaled.

September 24 Zodiac – Accurate Birthday Personality Horoscope

You have the ability to inspire even in the gloomiest of circumstances. The blend of these two planets creates a versatile aspect in your personality. You are capable, passionate, and courageous enough to fight for your principles. The Cusp of Revolution has given you a bold attitude where finances are concerned. As such, you are willing to take the risks necessary to keep your loved ones stable and secure. Your astrological chart shows that your health is good. Being a Sagittarius, you are susceptible to infections in these parts of your body.

November 24 zodiac lovers are some of the most tenacious in the entire zodiac spectrum. When it comes to matters of the heart, you are not one to give up easily. You set high goals in life, and your love life is no exception. You know exactly what you want. Unfortunately, what you want is not what is always available. Nonetheless, this is not an impediment for you. You are willing to wait until your perfect partner comes along.

For example, you tend to lay more emphasis on your studies and career progression. It is no wonder, then, that you are quite accomplished by the time you settle down in marriage. Your spouse will revel in your unceasing support and unbridled love. Also, your children will thrive under your care and guidance.

November 24 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

In short, your family will experience true peace and happiness. Lovers born under the Gemini, Leo, and Aries zodiacs occupy a very special place in your heart. The good news is that you are highly compatible with these natives.

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They appreciate your personality in as much as you understand their needs. This means that your relationship with them is bound to be strong, healthy, and long-lasting. The arrangement of the stars indicates that nothing good would come out of your partnership with a Scorpio. If anything, such a relationship would turn your life upside down. We strongly advise against such an adventure! November 24 zodiac people are very malleable. Your dynamism will take you places. It gives you the confidence you need to excel in your endeavors. Your personal things hold you to account.

They provide you with the impetus you need to venture beyond your comfort zones. Indeed, you can be very industrious where personal matters are concerned. Although you do well working from your home environment, you occasionally venture out to sample what life has to offer. You travel often take you far from home. Such adventures give you lots of experience. Being friendly and courageous, you are in the frontline of fighting for justice in your community.

You are not one to stand back injustice is being perpetrated against the defenseless. People appreciate your warm-hearted nature. You show a unique level of enthusiasm when you are handling the welfare of your loved ones. In fact, you are willing to forego some of your privileges for their sake. All the same, you have a couple of personality flaws that you need to deal with.

These failings will usurp your energy. For example, you often propose impractical solutions to societal challenges. Also, you tend to lose badly. Life is a stage with exits and entrances. Accept your part on this stage and play it graciously. Also, remember that your level of success is directly proportional to the number of times you fail and rise again. Just as you are persistent in love, never give up in life! All in all, you are tailor-made for success. Make decisions that make sense, and stick to them. In all that you do, move in the right direction.

You share the November 24 birthday with many famous people from around the world.